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    The 9 Best Kids TV Shows From The 90's

    Because even twenty-somethings miss their imaginary friends sometimes.

    1. Kidsongs

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    Who doesn't love singin along to your favorite songs on a show made by kids for kids?

    2. Wishbone

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    This amazing show is about a dog who transports into famous works of literature. He accompanies Joan of Ark, is Romeo to a human Juliet, and helps Don Quixote fight windmills. And he is also a dog, with a real family in the present. It's such the best.

    He was an amazing Romeo.

    3. Arthur

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    This show has a terrific theme song--and video. The show is pretty wonderful too. "It's a simple message, and it comes from the heart--oh, believe in yourself, for that's the place to start!" "DW!"

    4. Power Rangers

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    This show was so bad it was great. Appalling acting, really terrible computer animation, and super weird villains made this show one of the best of the worst. Also, you got to love the first season, when the ethnicities of the actors were clearly highlighted by their suits.

    5. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

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    He is wise, nice, and has amazing lessons and songs. He drops nuggets of truth in between taking off his jacket and putting on his sweater, switching his shoes, and feeding his fish.

    Also, I know he wasn't on TV only in the 90's. But he was on TV in the 90's.

    6. The Big Comfy Couch

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    A clown and her dolly, hanging out on a giant couch. What with making messes, stretching, and cleaning up, the day is full of mishaps and new things to learn.

    7. Pinky and the Brain

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    One is a genius, the other's insane. Laboratory mice who try and take over the world. It's hilarious and wicked smart.

    8. Barney

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    A giant dinosaur helping kids with activities and teaches in a classroom. Not creepy at all. At the time. Still pretty wonderful.

    9. Lambchop's Play-a-Long

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    Lampchop, Charlie Horse--they are puppets. And amazing. And they will never stop singing. Ever.

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