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Why Alex Day's "Big Girls In Costumes" Video Upset Everyone

The day the Internet blew up.

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This is Alex Day.

He's a Youtuber known as Nerimon.

He has a lot of followers

Alex often makes satirical, sarcastic videos.

On Friday, Alex posted this video.

In the video, he made a couple comments about how a woman had dressed at a ComiCon-like convention in the UK.

In the video, he stated a number of body-shaming ideas as a means of satire.

He was not complimentary.

Soon after he posted it, Youtube went bananas.

Everyone had an opinion.

Everyone had an opinion.

Everyone had an opinion.


Not just on Youtube. On Tumblr too.

The people have spoken. Some are understanding....

And some are less so...

Either way, he's a pretty popular Youtuber.

I guess we'll have to see if it stays that way.

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