34 Reasons Why Pink Is The Best And Baddest Pop Singer There Is.

In honor of her 34th birthday…

1. She can sing upside down.

2. She has the coolest friends.

3. She named her dog F****er, just to mess with people.

4. She embodies the soul of Rosie the Riveter.

5. She feels and shows real emotion.

6. She deals with heartbreak the right way.

7. She has learned from her past.

8. She’s honest.

9. She says what we all say in our heads out loud.

10. She is beautiful

11. She works really hard.

12. And is an amazing mother.

14. And has a wonderful family.

15. And believes in gender equality.

If she’s gonna be half naked, all the backup dancers will be men—and they are gonna be half naked too.

16. She provides serious eye candy for us ladies.

Hard. Core.

17. She’s a warrior

18. And a dancing fool

19. Like this time,

20. And this time.

21. She made this face at the VMA’s:

22. And this face just for fun.

23. She knows how we feel:

24. She is such a badass.

25. She has a sense of humor about her past.

26. She knows the truth about life.

27. She has insecurities like everyone.

28. She knows who she is,

29. And celebrates it.

30. She knows that even though you want to quit a relationship sometimes…

31. You have to work at it.

32. She tries to make everyone feel as awesome as they really are inside.

33. And highlights real issues that her fans face.

34. Because she loves us.

35. And we love her. Happy 34th Birthday P!ink!!

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