30 Things BuzzFeed Staffers Love To Write About

BuzzFeed is the best. But what do the writers and staffers really care about most?

30. New York

27. Starting Your First Job

26. Being in Your Twenties vs. Being in Your Thirties

24. Being Employed

23. Hot Pictures of Celebrities

22. Benedict Cumberbatch

21. Nostalgia for Your Childhood and College Years

20. Dawson’s Creek

19. Hipsters

18. Things Celebrities Did That No One Cares About


16. Ryan Gosling

15. And more Ryan Gosling

14. They Really Can’t Get Enough of Him

13. Also Ms. Britney Spears

12. Cause she is the Mother F***ing Queen of the World.

6. Being too Tired to Do Anything On the Weekends

2. Games of F***, Marry, Kill

1. And of course, the number one thing BuzzFeed Staffers are Great at is…Making Lists of Everything.

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