19 Ways You Know You’re Underemployed

Because so many of us are.

1. When your friends want to go out and drink, but you can’t because you have literally no money left:

2. The one thing you tell yourself when you leave home in the morning:

3. but you always end up spending too much, in which case, you then tell yourself:

4. When people you hate offer to lend you money:

5. When your “friends” don’t invite you to go out anymore, because they know you will just end up owing them more money:

6. When you’re stuck at home, so you decide to hang out with the one thing that won’t judge you.

7. Finding a higher paying job feels like this:

8. This is the only form of entertainment you have left:

9. When an ATM tries to charge you for taking out cash:

10. What you now do for exercise, instead of going to the gym:

11. When someone offers you career advice:

12. The look people get when you explain why you can’t go out for dinner every night of the week.

13. When you go out to dinner, and someone announces how much your share is for the bill:

14. When someone says the magical words “Open Bar.”

15. This sounds reasonable:

16. Your reaction to someone excitedly telling you about how much money they make:

17. When someone asks you how the job search is going:

18. When a friend gets a new job right away, after you’ve been looking for ages:

19. Moral of the story:

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