Twitter Is…

Understanding Twitter via it’s reflections upon itself.

Twitter is about sharing information.

It’s a tool used to aid the distribution and organization of ideas.

But the concept can be difficult to explain, especially to those who are unfamiliar with text messaging, or social networking.

Once you understand it, though, it can become deeply fascinating.

Twitter can be entertaining

or distracting

addictive even

It’s great for obscure breaking news

Even better for the sudden release of inspiration.

10. However…

Especially if you are unfamiliar with it’s most confusing features

11. Like Hashtagging…

Hashtags are one of Twitter’s most misunderstood elements. #’s are intended to link your ideas to other ideas, allowing statistical analysis of the topics which are being addressed via Twitter, and more importantly, allow those who are interested in these topics to more easily view your tweets.

12. Or Retweeting…

Through Twitter, you present your ideas to an audience. If your audience appreciates those ideas, they will present them to their audience via an RT, or retweet. By using RT, good ideas are spread. It’s something like applying democracy to a conversation.

13. Either Way…

Twitter is an amazing application of technology which allows us to share, rank, and explore thoughts from around the globe in real time. It’s a simple and beautiful concept and it has and will continue to change forever the way in which we communicate.

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