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    25 Times Ed Sheeran Melted Your Heart On Instagram


    1. When he posted a picture with this lovely lady.

    2. When he totally understood your chocolate addiction.

    3. When he posted this #tbt photo.

    4. When he took his role as wedding singer very seriously.

    5. When his laptop was looking like this.

    6. When he was cuddling with this cute little kitten.

    7. When he posed with his look alike.

    8. When he took this funny photo of Meredith, one of Taylor Swift's cats.

    9. When he appreciated the creativity of his fans.

    10. When he posted this.

    11. When he posted this adorable photo.

    12. When his fortune cookie was right about everything.

    13. When he was rocking a pink wig.

    14. When his cup game was on point.

    15. When his style slayed.

    16. When he got the coolest birthday present ever.

    17. When he defined squad goals.

    18. When he posted a photo of this dog.

    19. When he showed off his massive guitar collection.

    20. When he posted this photo of BFF Harry Styles being all artsy.

    21. When he stole Elton's glasses.

    22. When he posted this photo of Kendall Jenner wearing a raincoat with his face on it.

    23. When his kitty Graham was too cute for this world.

    24. When he was literally fan girling inside.

    25. And finally, when he was totally ready to celebrate Halloween.