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19 Times Hilary Duff Was The Cutest On Instagram

She can melt your heart and make you jealous as well.

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1. When she spent her time with with this cute little boy.

2. When she gave us this piece of advice.

3. When she posted a photo of the cutest puppy ever.

4. When she displayed her dedication for Cars.

5. When she posted this cute selfie with her beautiful sister.

6. When she was excited and happy to be in Brooklyn like a proper tourist.

7. When she and her son were wearing the cutest and scariest outfits on Halloween.

8. When she proved that she's the queen of selfies.

9. When she had the cutest latte ever.

10. When she posted this picture like the proud mama she is.

11. When she was a proper chef.

12. When she showed us this cute #tbt pic.

14. When Starbucks spelled her name wrong.

15. When she was an angel who descended from heaven.

16. When she was enjoying nature.

17. When she was relieved to be in her pajamas.

18. When she posted this photo of two little snails.

19. And when she proved that life is pretty good if you have your friends and loved ones with you.
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