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The Best Cinco De Mayo Venues Across The Nation

From the midwest to down south, we're listing our top venues just in time for Cinco De Mayo! From tequila spots to taco joints, there's something for everyone on our list! You can check out these venues and more at Eventup!

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¡AY CHIWOWA! in Chicago, IL

Located in Chicago's River North neighborhood, ¡AYCHIWOWA! is the perfect destination for your Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Owned by Rockit Ranch Productions, ¡AY CHIWOWA! lives up to it's name by combining atmosphere, food, and a killer selection of tequila.

2. Moe's Cantina / Via

Moe's Cantina in Chicago, IL

Moe's Cantina is located in Chicago's River North neighborhood. The menu offers latin inspired food in portions of sharable plates as well as individual entrees. Order a round of sangria or margaritas as well as browse their large selection of tequilas. This venue is perfect for dinner, a bar night, and even hosting a party!

4. Candela Taco Bar & Lounge

Facebook: candelaonlabrea / Via

Candela Taco Bar & Lounge in Los Angeles, CA

Candela Taco Bar & Lounge offers unique spanish flavored foods and cocktails. From tacos to flautas, Candela Taco Bar & Lounge provides a wonderful atmosphere to eat and drink as well as a great place to rent out for your next shindig!

5. Copacabana


Copacabana in New York, NY

Copacabana, located right in Times Square, offers a restaurant with amazing mexican food, drinks, nightlife, entertainment, and on top of it all, an amazing rooftop with views of New York City. Visit to see a show, have a wonderful dinner, or even rent it out for an amazing event!

6. Chick Ranch


Chick Ranch in Austin, Texas

Chick Ranch in Austin, Texas offers a unique vibe perfect for any event. The outdoor space is perfect for a Cinco De Mayo party. Just bring some beers, some tacos, and even hire a local band to play some tunes. What could be better?

7. Rancho Santa Fe Luxurious Ocean View Resort


Rancho Santa Fe Luxurious Ocean View Resort in Escondido, CA

This resort is perfect for a more relaxed Cinco De Mayo weekend. With beautiful views and all the amenities, this venue is perfect for a getaway with friends and family. Plan ahead and bring everything to make a wonderful latin inspired meal and eat it on the beautiful California property.