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Rami Malek And Pete Davidson's "Squid Game" Parody On "SNL" Was...Really Something

Like Squid Game, this absurdly catchy song will be the biggest hit of 2021.

Rami Malek hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and despite his "resting villain face," he did a great job.


Look at him in his little stinkbug costume! Adorable.

One episode highlight was definitely Rami and Pete Davidson's musical tribute to Squid Game, which you've probably heard of.


They were joined by Big Wet, whose song "Turn Up On the Weekend" was the blueprint for the sketch.

It was — inexplicably and rather amusingly — a country song that featured Rami and Pete as cowboys (I guess?) who played the game to solve their financial problems.

Rami sang "My ex-wife hates me, event had to sell my puppy"

For those wondering, Pete and Rami sang in thick southern accents.

SPOILER ALERT, by the way, because the sketch actually follows the plot of Squid Game fairly closely.

From there, it went about as well as you could expect for our two heroes.

Rami sang "Got a crazy girlfriend, think she might stab me"

But they made it all the way to the glass bridge! Rami was thrilled to make it all the way there with his buddy Pete, but then Pete pushed him off the bridge to win.

Rami on the ground saying "My body is completely maimed, why the hell did I play the Squid Game?"

The "OMG" is there for your benefit, covering up Rami's pretty graphic leg injury.

But that's not all! Pete sang about going home, getting a cool red haircut, and learning from the mistakes of his past...

Pete with red hair sitting on the back of a truck

...only to lose all his prize money betting on the New York Jets.


So where does Pete end up? Back in the Squid Game, naturally, only he dies immediately this time for annoying the guards.


Things didn't end well for Rami and Pete, but we can all agree that the SNL production team did an amazing job re-creating Squid Game in a matter of days.


Would you believe me if I told you this image was from SNL and not from the actual Squid Game? Because it is, and you should.

You can enjoy the whole sketch right here:

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