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    Somehow, Kenan Thompson Has Been On "SNL" Long Enough To Appear In 1,500 Sketches

    He continues to reign as the sketch comedy GOAT.

    Kenan Thompson just celebrated a major milestone in his historic 19-season tenure on Saturday Night Live.

    As of last night's show, Kenan has appeared in 1,500 sketches. FIFTEEN. HUNDRED. SKETCHES.

    He was in four sketches throughout the episode — starting with "Paw Patrol," in which he played a disgruntled citizen of Adventure Bay, the town where Paw Patrol takes place (I think?).

    Kenan pointing as he wears an apron in the Paw Patrol sketch on the left and as a meatball in another sketch on the right

    For sketch #1,500, Kenan played Gus Van Tant, the host of In Over Your Head — a home repair show for people who tried (and failed) to perform their own home repairs.

    Gus was joined by several homeowners — like "Felix Cruz" (played by host Oscar Isaac), who electrocuted himself trying to install his own circuit breaker.

    Gus's last guest was his wife Carlisa, who wasted no time in pointing out the irony of her husband hosting a home repair show when their own house is in shambles. As always, Kenan continued to prove his chops as a living comedy legend.

    After the sketch, Kenan went backstage to a round of applause from the SNL crew.

    And he celebrated the milestone on Instagram as well.

    Congrats to Kenan on this huge achievement! And congrats to you, too, because you can watch the sketch right here:

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