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17 Reasons Why You Should Be Growing Your Own Vegetables

You're about to get some green thumbs.

1. It's a fun new hobby!

2. There's no takeout that'll taste as good as food that you grew yourself.

3. It'll save you some precious dollars and cents.

4. You can give away any extras, which would make a great gift for friends or family!

5. Growing your own veggies will give you some extra motivation to eat more fresh food instead of living off of pantry staples.

6. If you grow your vegetables yourself, you won't have to worry about pesticide exposure.

7. Spending time outside is good for you!

8. You can decrease your carbon footprint by not purchasing the produce that has to be transported to the grocery store via truck.

9. There are a TON of environmental benefits to growing your own veggies, and one of them is that you'll use less plastic.

10. Gardening is good exercise.

11. Your food will taste so much better if you season it with some homegrown herbs.

12. Growing your own food will make you less likely to waste it.

13. Gardens also reduce greenhouse gases because of ~photosynthesis~.

14. You'll have direct access to food.

15. It's also a great activity to do with your friends and family as well as by yourself.

16. Gardening can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

17. And finally, it's not hard to start! And you don't need a large outdoor space.