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    Carrots And Peanut Butter Is Apparently Florence Pugh's Go-To Snack, And After Trying It Myself, I'm Low-Key Obsessed

    "Everything just serves as a spoon for peanut butter." You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Florence.

    IDK about you, but I am positively delighted whenever I find a new snack to munch on.

    And now, thanks to movie star and fellow food lover Florence Pugh, I have found a new one.

    Recently, Florence talked to Harper's Bazaar about what she eats in a day, and it all sounded great.

    florence and a plate of food

    Towards the end of the video, Florence mentioned that she frequently snacks on peanut butter and carrots, which piqued my interest as a peanut butter lover.

    florence saying, everything just serves as a spoon for peanut butter

    It's certainly not the most complicated culinary concoction, but you have to admit it's not the first combination you think of for either of those things.

    carrot plus peanut butter equals ???

    But I trust Florence's food judgment so I had to try it.

    She doesn't specify anything beyond "carrots and peanut butter" in the video, so I procured some Skippy from the supermarket and baby carrots from my fridge.

    jar of peanut butter and bag of carrots

    After some expert assembly and preparation, it was time to snack. was really good!

    carrot with peanut butter

    In conclusion, thanks for the tip, Florence. I will go out into the world and spread the word.

    You can check out Florence's whole interview to see what else she eats in a day right here, and comment below if you'll be trying some PB&C for yourself!

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