All 8 Songs From "Encanto," Ranked From Worst To Best

    You can probably guess the song in first place, but the rest might surprise you.

    Encanto is Disney's newest animated movie, which means there's a brand-new set of songs for you to listen to over and over.

    The songs, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, are practically impossible to rank, but someone had to be brave and try anyway.

    So here are all the songs from Encanto, ranked from worst to best:

    I am using the word "worst" as loosely as possible here, because every single song is terrific. No skips!

    8. "Waiting on a Miracle"

    7. "Colombia, Mi Encanto"

    6. "What Else Can I Do?"

    5. "All of You"

    4. "The Family Madrigal"

    3. "Surface Pressure"

    2. "Dos Oruguitas"

    1. And finally, in first place (duh): "We Don't Talk About Bruno"

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