Disney's "Gargoyles" Was The Most Adult Children's Show Ever Made

    Gargoyles walked so that Game of Thrones could run.

    If you were a kid in the '90s, there's a good chance you saw the Disney cartoon Gargoyles. There's also an equally good chance you have no idea what Gargoyles is.

    My main recollection of Gargoyles is that I occasionally stumbled across it and eventually changed the channel because it scared me.

    But since it is now on Disney+ I thought I'd revisit the source of my fear and see what this show is actually about. And I have to say... it kinda rocks (no pun intended).

    It turns out that this show is what would happen if Game of Thrones, Law and Order, and Outlander had a baby and it really should not work AT ALL but it does and for that we are blessed.

    The show focuses on a warrior clan of living gargoyles who are frozen in stone during the day to protect a medieval Scottish castle until they're betrayed and wake up in modern-day Manhattan, and it has everything:

    1. A mythological premise that can be confusing to follow but makes sense after the first few episodes.

    2. Memorable characters including a badass female lead.

    3. Intense action scenes, like, every episode.

    4. Romantic intrigue straight out of a soap opera.

    5. A lot of mature themes.

    6. Villains that made you consider rooting for the bad guys.

    7. Time travel, resurrection, and Shakespearean fairies.

    The fact that it's available on Disney + has people very excited...

    Found Gargoyles on Disney+ today...well that’s a day gone I suppose

    Me: I dont give a crap about disney+ Them: Gargoyles is now on disney+ Me: I -

    Fuckin hooked on watching Gargoyles on Disney plus that cartoon was ahead of its time

    And has even introduced some new fans to the show.

    Been catching some Gargoyles on Disney + on and off. Never watched it as a kid; and kinda wanted to know if all the chatter ive heard from my peers who were in love with the show as kids had any truth. They were not lying.

    It's safe to say Gargoyles did dark and gritty before it became cool, and 2020 feels like the perfect time for us to start appreciating this underrated gem.