"The Dionne Warwick Talk Show" On "SNL" Was Full Of Celebrity Impressions, As Well As Appearances From Dionne Warwick And Ed Sheeran

    What's better than one Dionne Warwick? Two, duh.

    Last night's Saturday Night Life featured a special appearance from not one, but TWO Dionne Warwicks.

    The living legend stopped by as one of the guests on "The Dionne Warwick Talk Show," a recurring sketch that stars cast member Ego Nwodim as Dionne.

    "Dionne" saying, "Kanye changed his name to Ye. Is that after the sound people make when he leaves the room?"

    The sketch is an opportunity for some of the cast members to bust out their celebrity impressions, and this time was no exception.

    "Miley Cyrus," "Post Malone," and "Jason Mraz"

    Ed Sheeran, who was the musical guest last night, also came to talk to "Dionne."

    "Dionne" asking Ed, "You did a song called 'South of the Border'; now my question is, are you nasty?" Ed: "Yeah, a little bit"

    Eventually "Dionne" got tired of "interviewing people who are not icons" and introduced the most iconic guest of all...herself!

    "Dionne" says, "Please welcome me!" The real Dionne comes out and says, "I'm so excited for you that I'm here"

    Fake Dionne asked real Dionne some pressing questions.

    "Dionne" asks Dionne, "Why are you perfect?:" She responds, "Darling, I'm not perfect; I'm just very, very good"

    And they wrapped it all up by dueting on "What the World Needs Now Is Love."

    "Dionne" and Dionne" singing together and smiling

    It was an especially sweet moment given how much Dionne has said she loves the sketch, as well as her adorable Twitter exchanges with Ego.

    You did a wonderful job, baby. You are a star. ❤️ @eggy_boom

    Twitter: @dionnewarwick

    Just look at this precious content!

    Twitter: @nbcsnl

    You can watch the whole equally sweet and funny sketch right here:

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