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Your New Favorite Internet Celebrity Is A Cat With An Adorable Disability

Lazarus, the cat, doesn't let his cleft palate get in the way of being freakin' cute.

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Meet Lazarus!

He's a cat who was born with a physical deformity that causes him to look like a sweet little vampire with over-exposed bottom teeth that protrude all the way up to his absent nose. According to Mashable, Lazarus was rescued at only 10 weeks old by a college student and nursed back to health after suffering multiple infections. Now, he's on his way to internet stardom!

Lazarus grew fame on Vine for being "ugh, I can't even."

Vine / Via

He now has 1,451,507 Loops and 6,580 Followers!

Mer. I'm ready for my close-up!

Vine / Via


Can you see why he's nicknamed, Vampire Cat?

Vine / Via

This little guy doesn't let anything get him down!

Vine / Via


Even a sneeze from this lovable cutie pie is enough to make your heart melt with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Vine / Via


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