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Posted on Dec 18, 2017

We Tried The Spiciest Rice Cakes And They Were Hot AF

It's the kind of a spice that hurts you, but you wanna keep eating it cause it's so good.

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A rice cake is arguably the most popular sweet food in Korea. They're the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.


Watch these guys take on the challenge of eating the spiciest rice cakes!

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Two sets of brave individuals (who happen to be Korean) sampled some of the spiciest rice cakes around in this one-a-kind challenge.


They headed to Yupdduck in Koreatown Los Angeles where they sampled these spicy AF dishes.

In order to get their palates warmed up (no pun intended) for the hot stuff, they kicked things off with a "mild" rice cake.


This one was chewy and made with wheat flour. Among other ingredients, it had dumplings, dry seaweed roll, zucchini tempura, and cheese on top. Nom nom nom!

After cautiously digging in, the dudes found it pleasantly spicy, while the gals thought it was a bit too spicy for being the "mild" version.


Okay, so the guys eventually busted out the fan and the milk to put out the fire in their tongues too.

Once amateur hour was over, it was time for the real challenge.


The "challenge" rice cake was so spicy that they could smell it from where they were sitting!

Everything was cool, they were getting through it, and then BOOM! Shit got real — real fast.


They said it literally felt like the spice was creeping up their bodies and exploding through their ears and out their heads!

But what about the soup? They still had to try the damn soup!? Um, it was hot.


"You can possibly die if you drink it."

The guys didn't fare so well, either.


It was definitely not for the faint of heart.

So why the hell do people even eat food this spicy? For one, you reportedly release stress by eating spicy foods, and it tastes good.


They decided this restaurant was perfect for spicy food lovers. So, don't try this at home! You've been warned.

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