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  • Top Ten IPhone Apps For Webmasters

    If you run one or more websites and have an iPhone, not unlike myself, then you are probably looking for some apps to help you out a bit. The following list of iPhone Apps is useful for pretty much any webmaster, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

  • Glenn Beck Admits He’s A Dirtbag & Liar

    In the clip you’re about to watch, Glenn Beck finally admits something that we all already knew about him: He’s a dirtbag and a liar. Sadly, for some reason he felt the need to refer to himself as a dirtbag in the past tense, but it’s still funny.

  • Top Five Features the IPhone Needs

    The iPhone is a very awesome palm-sized computer and phone and is the catalyst of a new generation of smart phones, but there are certain things it lacks that would greatly improve it.

  • Enable Emoji Icons On Your iPhone

    Emoji Icons are a rather extensive set of icons (Emoji being the Japanese word for what we call emoticons or smilies) that are common in Japanese text messaging and web sites and are essentially have been standardized in Japan.

  • DIY Survival Kit (In A Bottle!)

    Worried the world is going to end, you get stuck on a desert island, or {insert natural disaster here} ruins your city and you have to survive on your own? Then you need to quick – while there is still an Internet – build your own portable survival kit. The following guide will help you put together some essentials so you can survive in an emergency.

  • Five Small Changes in IPhone OS 3.0 That Rule

    There’s been a ton of talk about the big new features that everyone loves in the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system. What hasn’t been discussed as much, however, is the small stuff that might not be headline worthy, but is still great to have. In case you’ve missed them, I’ve put together a list of my five favorite of the smaller features.

  • DIY Philip J. Fry Costume

    In honor of Futurama being officially renewed, I have decided to break down exactly what you need to get, from head to toe, so you can be unfrozen in the proper attire for a year 3000 Halloween party.

  • Good News, Everyone! Futurama’s Back!

    It’s been a long time coming and Comedy Central has, according to an exclusive report at Collider.com, ordered 13 new episodes of what, in this writers opinion, is one of the best animated series ever made.

  • Top Ten Google Logos

    There have been a lot of Google “Doodles” over the years for various different holidays, anniversaries, or events. The following depicts what, at least in my opinion, have been the best of the best based off the creativity and originality in the alteration of their standard logo.

  • Giant Wolf Spiders a Result of Global Warming

    Some Danish scientists have spent the last decade studying a species of wolf spider (Pardosa glacialis) native to northeastern Greenland. They learned something that, at least in my overactive imagination, is deeply disturbing. They’re growing larger.

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