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How Marquette Are You?

Do you ring out ahoya with a MU RAH RAH?

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  1. 1. Check off all that apply

    Marquette Athletics
    You currently go to Marquette
    You're a Marquette Alumni
    One or more of your relatives went to Marquette
    You've played on an intramural sports team
    You've been to Marquette Madness
    You've been in class with at least one of the basketball players
    You've been to Tuesday night mass at the Joan of Arc chapel
    You've been to a Marquette basketball game
    You've bought season tickets to Marquette Basketball
    You've ripped up your ticket after the first point was scored
    You've been to a soccer game at Valley Fields
    You've read the Marquette Tribune
    You've worked for student media
    You've been on a service trip
    You've had a hot cookie at Cobeen
    You've had a chicken parm in Schroeder
    You've had Dogghaus after 2 a.m.
    You've pulled an all-nighter in Raynor
    You've heard about the Marquette Turkey
    You've worried about the Marquette Turkey over breaks
    You've been to class in sub-zero temperatures
    You've been to class under feet of snow
    You've worn shorts one day and a winter jacket the next
    You've celebrated, or plan on celebrating, your 21st birthday at Caffrey's and/or Murphy's
    You've been to Sobelman's
    You've been to AJ Bombers
    You've had at least one Sobelman's vs AJ Bombers debate
    You still confuse the Wehr Buildings
    You still can't swipe into Raynor and have gotten bruises from the library turnstile
    You've been taught by a Jesuit
    You Snapchat with Father Marquette
    You've witnessed a wedding in the Gesu or Joan of Arc
    You've gone grocery shopping at the Walgreens on Wisconsin Avenue
    You've perfected the art of jaywalking
    The LIMO's phone number is on your contact favorites
    You've been to a National Marquette Day party
    You outwardly brag that Marquette has its own national day
    You have a Marquette license plate
    You've bowled at the Annex
    You've caught a show at the Helfaer Theatre
    You've checked out an exhibit at the Haggerty
    You realized that Straz Tower and Straz Hall are not the same building after you've been to the wrong one
    You've played frisbee on Central Mall
    You know what "Cura personalis" and "numen flumenque" mean
    "Blue and gold" are more than just colors to you
    You've had classes cancelled because of gorgeous weather
    You brag that Abed from "Community" and Mr. Baxter from "That's so Raven" went to Marquette
    You have that one professor whose office hours mean "life crisis counseling."
    You only support NBA teams with Marquette alumni
    Even though you've complained about the weather, and the classes, the food and the dorms, you know there's no place you'd rather be

How Marquette Are You?

You are Marquette! Hang in there, young Golden Eagle, you'll catch on soon enough.

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Nobody's perfect (not even Father Marquette!) but you're well on your way. YOU ARE... MARQUETTE!

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You're making the Jesuits proud with your knowledge. YOU ARE MARQUETTE!

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