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    The Top 30 Dresses Queen Mary Wore On The CW's "Reign"

    I could watch this show on mute just for the clothes. As a side note, the ranking is pretty insignificant, as pretty much her entire wardrobe is perfect.

    31. High five if you like my snazzy collar

    Thanks bruh.

    30. This would be ranked higher except the flowers are a bit much, but it's still probably prettier than anything you own.

    29. Looking pretty darn regal there Mary

    28. Just Mary's tree climbing dress. No big deal.

    27. This dress which is clearly what everyone wears for a walk in the woods

    Doesn't everyone look like a fairy queen when they go for a stroll? No? Why ever not?

    26. When she did her best to dress casually

    Good try Mary. Good try.

    25. I am a cloud of gold, and you cannot take that from me!

    24. This strapless number that left Katherine like, "Oh no you didn't!"

    I must poison her. She simply looks too good.

    23. That neckline though!

    22. There's a reason for Francis's side-eye. It's black with white lace.

    Is the hem of this dress black flower petals? Like, is it actually raining flowers from her waist?

    21. I am ablaze with fashion!

    This appears to be the same petal skirt from before. Excellent mixing and matching! We see you, Mary. We see you.

    20. This military jacket look

    I am Queen. Hear me roar.

    19. I mean this is cool I guess

    18. This thing...with yet another glorious matching crown

    17. I mean...okay, we get it. You look good in every waist line.

    16. That one time Mary decided to be Katniss and rocked it

    She really 'nocked' it out of the park. Get it? Like nocking an arrow? No? Okay.

    15. This one Kenna couldn't keep her eyes off of

    Kenna, dear, I know you love my outfit, but I'm up here!

    14. This dress with a bodice that makes her look like the most glamourous faberge egg ever to live

    13. This thing that happened

    12. When you wear a dress like this it will probably rain feathers

    11. Bash, have some water. Your thirst for my gown is too real.

    10. This dress which is so beautiful Mary herself can't even

    9. The most elegant crop top in existance

    Francis: "I don't know how I feel about crop tops. They seem a bit risky."

    Mary: "So are some of your political decisions, so I think you can deal with my top."

    8. That time Mary fell in a pot of gold and was like, "Oh well, I guess I'll just go out like this"

    7. This dress with the most perfect flower crown that has ever been

    6. This old thing she whipped out of her closet for coronation

    5. I don't even know what to say here...just...I...okay...moving on

    4. This dress which is clearly perfection even though covered by a cape

    The cape is probably just to help shield our eyes from the sheer glory of this outfit. Thank you Mary. Thank you.

    3. This Magical Gold Number

    I cannot begin to imagine how one puts this contraption on, but I would sure like to.


    1. Let's look at that wedding dress one more time shall we?

    Alright. I sufficiently feel terrible about my wardrobe and the century I live in. Goodbye.