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What Your Favorite '90s Cartoon Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

Warning: Nostalgia overload.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite cartoons growing up would look like if they came right off the screen? Well have no fear, because BuzzFeed's Top Knot brought five of your favorite shows to life with a grown-up spin.

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Doug Funnie

Classic outfit: Green sweater vest, white shirt, tan shorts, white socks, red shoes.

Judy Funnie

Classic outfit: Purple dress, black long-sleeve shirt, tights, black shades, and purple boots and a beret to match.

Patti Mayonnaise

Classic outfit: Polkadot blue sweater, a royal blue skirt, and pink sneakers.

Roger Klotz

Classic outfit: Crazy hair, a leather jacket, white shirt, and jeans. *Optional cat*

Skeeter Valentine

Classic outfit: A red shirt adorned with a lightning bolt, yellow pants, red shoes, and a kickass skateboard.

Beebe Bluff

Classic outfit: A blue tunic adorned with yellow buttons, a white Oxford shirt, purple leggings, and cream sneakers.

T.J. Detweiler

Classic outfit: A green jacket, red baseball cap, white shirt, baggy jeans, red sneakers, and a smirk.

(Ashley) Spinelli

Classic outfit: An orange beanie, leather jacket, red dress, striped socks, black boots, and more badassery than anyone else.

Gretchen Grundler

Classic outfit: A blue dress, pink bow, white shirt, glasses, pink socks, and Oxfords.

Gus Griswold

Classic outfit: Green polo, green pants, glasses, a watch far ahead of its time, dress shoes, and the fear of God in his eyes.

Mikey Blumberg

Classic outfit: Brown chinos, blue sneakers, a plain shirt, and a friendly smile. *Optional sandwich*

Vince LaSalle

Classic outfit: A green basketball jersey, gray shirt, blue shorts, black sneakers, a basketball, and a grin.


Classic outfit: A green jacket, orange shirt, rounded glasses, pleated black skirt, combat boots, and a general look of apathy.

Jane Lane

Classic outfit: A red blazer, black shirt, black shorts, leggings, combat boots, and general -_-.

Kevin and Brittany

Classic outfit: The typical football uniform and cheerleading outfit, and an oblivious look at the world.

Quinn Morgendorffer

Classic outfit: A pink shirt adorned with a smiley face, flairs, a belt, boots, and a grating voice.

Trent Lane

Classic outfit: A green shirt, various man jewelry, distressed pants, black boots, sweatbands, and a surprisingly sexy soul patch.

Ash Ketchum

Classic outfit: An epic ensemble comprising a custom jacket, hat, green gloves, jeans, Pokéballs, Pikachu, and colorful sneakers.


Classic outfit: A green vest, orange shirt, brown pants, gray shoes, and a general consensus that a frying pan can be a drying pan.


Classic outfit: A red backpack, yellow top, red suspenders, high-waisted shorts, red shoes, and fiery red hair.


Classic outfit: Long hair, a blue baseball cap, green sweater, jeans, black shoes, and a flannel that you thought was a skirt for the longest time.

Gerald Johanssen

Classic outfit: A red sweater with "33" on it, jeans, red shoes, and the hair Marge Simpson wishes she had.

Harold Berman

Classic outfit: An open baseball jersey exposing a tiny white shirt, gray or blue shorts, black shoes, a baseball cap, and an underbite that only a mother would love.

Helga Pataki

Classic outfit: A pink dress with a short-sleeve white turtleneck, white shoes, a pink bow, and the world's darkest unibrow.

Phoebe Heyerdahl

Classic outfit: An oversize blue sweater, dark shoes, an adorable topknot, and glasses everyone and their mothers would want.

Rhonda Lloyd

Classic outfit: A red sweater, white shirt, black leggings, red shoes, and a general belief that she is queen.

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