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    We Got Our Sperm Count Tested And It Was Literally Orgasmic

    Warning: This post contains sperm and loads of education.

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    For anyone trying to have baby, fertility is an important topic of conversation. So the Try Guys went over to the Men's Clinic at UCLA to get their sperm count tested and show dudes it's important to be informed about their sexual health, too.

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    The guys sat down with Jesse Mills, M.D., director of the Men's Clinic, who quickly debunked a lot of stereotypes about fertility. And as it turns out, about 1 in 20 men have fertility issues, but most guys never get it checked out.

    Fertility issues between men and women are actually equally split.

    Step one in the guys' sperm journey, was "collection" (aka jacking off in the name of #science).

    Being who they are, obviously they decided to make it a timed competition.

    For, er, science of course.

    Ned of course didn't need any magazines or movies for ~inspiration.~

    Zach, on the other hand, was having a little bit of trouble getting in the zone. I guess a fluorescent-lit doctor's office with your three best friends standing outside isn't a turn-on for everyone???

    After 37 minutes, Keith decided to check on his best bro to see how he was doing.

    Unfortunately for Zach, his aim was a little off.*

    *Don't ask us where the rest of it went. We don't want to know and neither do you.

    After the boys semi-successfully collected their samples, it was time to analyze their little Try Guys.

    Before getting into their results, Dr. Mills explained some things that can positively and negatively affect fertility. Things like working out can help, while alcohol abuse and laptop use can actually hurt sperm.

    After the dudes were more informed about how their habits affected their sperm health, it was time for the results!

    Eugene and Ned actually had the highest sperm volume and were almost tied in their sperm count.

    Zach and Keith had a lower sperm count*, but Keith's was actually the most highly concentrated out of the guys.

    *To be fair, half of Zach's was probably on the floor of that room.

    Next, it was time to analyze how much of the sperm was fully functioning. About 4% of male sperm should be normally shaped, while the other 96% is basically useless. About 50% of the sperm should be mobile and swimming.

    Really puts things in perspective when compared with how women deal with fertility.

    And luckily, all in all, the guys' sperm looked good!!!

    It's better to know about your fertility earlier on, and visiting a doctor is a great idea for anyone who wants more information about their body and fertility.

    But at the end of the day, fertility doesn't determine your worth as a man or woman. For those who aren't lucky enough to be able have children naturally, it doesn't mean you're not going to make kick-ass parents some other way!

    We saw. We conquered. We came.