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Men Saw How They Would Look If They Lost Their Hair And They Totally Rocked It

"I would love you no matter what."

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While some people use their hair as a method of personal style and expression, it's important to realize not everyone has that option. So, The Try Guys, who each felt uniquely connected to their hair, decided to "go bald" for a day, and see how their confidence was affected:

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Whether bald by choice, or by circumstance... it's clear that both men and women can rock the look. However, when these men realized just how common male hair loss is, they enlisted the help of makeup artists to show them just what their future might look like:


Ned, like the other two, also has a history of baldness in his family. However, Ned was less concerned about how HE would feel, and more concerned if his wife would still find him attractive.


Even though the guys looked good, when they debuted their new look... people around the office were initially pretty shocked.

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Interestingly, many people were outright critically negative of the guys' lack of hair, unafraid to express how much they disliked the bald look.


Finally, some very exciting news: The Try Guys have been nominated for Show Of The Year at the 2016 Streamy Awards, and it's all because of you, the viewers! Vote for them online here or follow the Twitter instructions below to see your favorite foursome take home the top prize!