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Guys Are Transformed Into Drag Queens For The First Time

Gag on these jaw-dropping, gorgeous transformations.

The Try Guys transformed into fierce drag queens for a spectacular, one-night-only performance.

Each Try Guy was adopted by a professional queen for the day (their drag mother) and was put through a grueling, comprehensive drag boot camp.

Keith found his inner Katy Perry and became...

...the gorgeous Ginger Vitis.

Ginger's drag mother, Misty Violet, proudly inducted her new daughtress into the Haus of Stupid.

Ned wanted to channel Kesha and booze...

...so the showstopper Champagne Canne was born.

Champagne and her drag mother, Cupcake Canne, slay on the dance floor.

Zach opted for more class and less ass...

...so the captivating Kornucopia could deliver an emotional lip sync.

Kornucopia's drag mother, Allusia, turned this duckling into grade-A fish.

Eugene also aimed to be classy, but...

...when he transformed into the scintillating Cheyenne Pepper, he went with pure eleganza.

Cheyenne and her drag mother, Mayhem Miller, are giving Solange and Beyoncé a run for their money.

Watch the entire mind-blowingly hilarious process as the Try Guys compete against one another in front of family and friends in BuzzFeed's first-ever drag show!

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What in the world will The Try Guys try next?