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Watch This Woman Transform Into 11 Incredibly Easy Natural Hairstyles

No heat, yes gawd!

With the help of an amazing stylist and products from Devachan LA, one woman demonstrates 11 simple, stylish, no-heat looks that anyone with natural hair can master through a few easy steps.

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Stylist: Ezmeralda Meco

1. Knotted Scarf Updo

2. Side Sweep

3. Pony + Side Bangs

4. Messy Half-Updo

5. Front Bump + Pull Back

6. Pineapple

7. Curl Hawk

8. Smoothed Pouf

9. Classic Curly Pony

10. Front Bump Pony

11. Side-Part Afro

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DevaCurl specializes in styling and products for people with curly and/or natural hair.