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Watch This Woman Transform Into 11 Incredibly Easy Natural Hairstyles

No heat, yes gawd!

With the help of an amazing stylist and products from Devachan LA, one woman demonstrates 11 simple, stylish, no-heat looks that anyone with natural hair can master through a few easy steps.

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Stylist: Ezmeralda Meco

1. Knotted Scarf Updo

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• Wrap an unwound scarf around the base of your head. With one end of the scarf in each hand, lift the scarf close to your scalp, lifting your hair in the fabric as you do so.

• Twist the ends together over each other to create a knot, secure with bobby pins or by tying the two ends together. Fluff out the curls near the top.

2. Side Sweep

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• Push your hair over to one side. Take the “smooth side” and divide it into three sections. Take each section and twist it. Secure each twist down to your scalp using bobby pins.

• Take a cream and use it to smooth out the twists, then add a few dabs to the loose curls for extra elongation.

• Define the shape you’ve created by adding a few long decorative pins.

3. Pony + Side Bangs

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• Divide the hair into two sections. The first section should be about three inches back from your hair line.

• Pull the first section down towards one side, smoothing the section over. Secure with bobby pins.

• Gather the second back section of your hair into a ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

4. Messy Half-Updo

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• Gather a section of hair near the crown of your head. It should be about three inches wide, and three inches deep. Define and elongate curls. Secure section up into a messy bun using a hair tie or pins.

• Tease out the rest of your curls and finish the look with hairspray.

5. Front Bump + Pull Back

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• Gather a section of hair near the crown of your head. It should be about three inches wide, and two inches deep. Tease the underside of the curls to create a bump. Secure in place with bobby pins.

• Smooth the sides of your hair, then secure hair in the back with a soft hair tie.

• Accent the shape with a loose, fabric headband or bandana.

6. Pineapple

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• Gather all of your hair in your hands and pull it into a tight ponytail near the front of your head. Secure with a soft hair tie.

• Smooth the edges of your pulled-back hair and define the loose curls.

7. Curl Hawk

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• Section the hair into three parts: front, middle, and back.

• Smooth the front section up. Secure near the center of the head with a hair tie. Repeat with the remaining sections.

• Tousle curls to create the Mohawk-inspired shape. Finish with hairspray.

8. Smoothed Pouf

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• Smooth hair up and back.

• Secure hair using a soft hair tie. Then fluff and volumize the remaining curls into a pouf-shape.

• Finish with hairspray.

9. Classic Curly Pony

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• Smooth hair back.

• Secure ponytail with a hair tie. To accent the pony, layer a decorative hair band over the hair tie.

10. Front Bump Pony

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• Take the front section of your hair, then gently twist the hair while pushing it forward to create a bit of volume. Secure with bobby pins.

• Gather the remaining hair into a hair tie. Finish with hairspray.

11. Side-Part Afro

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• Section hair down the scalp to create a part. Apply styling cream to your hands and glide it along curls to define the wedge shape. Your goal is to elongate the curls on both sides of the part.

• Apply a bit of cream to your hands, then shake your hands through your hair to create more volume.

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  1. Which Hairstyle Is Your Favorite?

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Which Hairstyle Is Your Favorite?
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    Knotted Scarf Updo
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    Side Sweep
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    Pony + Side Bangs
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    Messy Half-Updo
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    Front Bump + Pull Back
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    Curl Hawk
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    Smoothed Pouf
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    Classic Curly Pony
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    Front Bump Pony
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    Side Part Afro