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    The First Wives Club Reunion We Never Had... Thanks For Nothing, Oscar!

    The Academy Awards failed us in more ways than one last night! Leo didn't get an Oscar? Fine. Meryl didn't get an Oscar? How dare you? But the biggest atrocity of all... the missed opportunity for a First Wives Club reunion! The facts are these...

    We ALL Remember This Glorious Moment in Cinematic History

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    You're lying to yourself if you claim you don't. And if you genuinely don't remember it then I don't need you in my life. I was 9 years old when this movie came out and I still hang on to every word!

    We ALL felt like empowered women because of it!

    In 2011 the ladies reunited... and it was good!

    Alas, it was a no!

    BUT THEN......

    Bette was there!

    Bette took the stage and she was marvelous!

    And then, just like the sun, Goldie decided to shine on that red carpet too! 2/3 of the women in the house! I die!

    Goldie took the stage and she was gracious!

    Finally, Diane Keaton showed up and was looking.... oh, wait....

    This could have been them, but Oscar was playing!!!

    One more missed opportunity, The Academy had one shot and blew it...

    Once more for good measure.

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    Maybe someday.....