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    College Survival: 10 Most Useful Websites For Students

    College is a stressful time. You are dealing with issues that you have never faced before. Students like yourself must learn to navigate social life, manage their money, keep up with their studies, and blow off a little bit of steam every so often. Don't worry. Help is on the way.

    Check out these ten websites that will help you survive college.

    1.Rate My Professors

    A great professor is a wonderful source of knowledge and mentoring. A bad professor, on the other hand, can slay your confidence, derail your academic career, or make you feel as if you have wasted an entire term. This is why no student should sign up for classes without taking a look at Rate my Professors. You can use Rate my Professors to see how an instructor ranks on students he has taught in the past, and you can leave helpful feedback on the professors that you have encountered.

    2.Study Blue Flash Cards

    Study Blue is much more than a website that allows you to create and study flashcards. It is a community website that connects you to other students taking the classes that you are taking. You can communicate and study with others, create your own flashcards, play games, or study from tests and quizzes that other students have uploaded. This last feature means that there is no guess in work in figuring out what you should be studying. Study Blue has another great feature. It recognizes when you have mastered something, and stops quizzing you on it.

    3.Post Your Book

    You probably already know your college bookstore is a nightmare when it comes to purchasing books. Books are often out of stock, and if you are forced to pay full price for a new book it can cost you hundreds of dollars. What you may not know is that things are even worse when you try to sell your books back at the end of the semester. Students are often paid only pennies on the dollar for their barely used textbooks. This is both frustrating and unfair. This is also why many students have stopped using their school bookstore and are using Post Your Book to buy and sell textbooks at fair prices.


    It can be easy spending so much time being a great college student that you forget to maintain a healthy wallet. Fortunately, Mint makes it easy to track your expenses, pay your bills, and check your credit score. You will know where you are spending too much money, and you will never miss a payment. Even better, you can use Mint to create a budget. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the rare college students who actually manages to save a bit of money.

    5.Project Gutenberg

    If you are a voracious reader on a budget, or are searching for a book for an assignment, Project Gutenberg is definitely a website that you should book mark. Project Gutenberg contains an amazing library of books that are available to download and read on your device for absolutely no charge. Books available on this website range from classical horror to modern humor. It is especially a good resource for classical titles.

    6.Recipe Puppy

    This is a great website for students who get the late night munchies. Don't spend money ordering pizza or resign yourself to going hungry until you visit Recipe Puppy. You might have the ingredients in your fridge and cupboards to create something delicious. All you have to do is enter your ingredients, and Recipe Puppy will fetch you matching recipes. If you don't have all the ingredients, not to worry. You can always pick up the extra ingredients on your next trip to the store.


    What college student doesn't love free stuff? If there is a FreeCycle group near your campus join up as quickly as possible. It's a great place to get rid of your unwanted items, and a great place to pick up items for your dorm room. You'll find used electronics, clothing, exercise equipment, furniture, and more. All items are free of charge as long as you arrange pickup. Just be sure to give back by posting your own items.

    8.Student Rate

    Student Rate uses your location to find discounts for students in your area. You can use this website to find discounts on textbooks, electronics, smart phones, entertainment, clothing, travel, and food. Student Rate also contains links to services including car sharing, health care, and financial services. Remember, your student ID card is useful for more than getting your meals in the dining hall and accessing the computers in the library. It can save you a significant amount of money.

    9.Huffington Post College

    This is a spin off of the famous news website that is specifically geared towards college students. Tune in here for news, sports, and that directly impacts college students. In addition to breaking news, you can also peruse content on college rankings, financial aid, and student activism. You may want to make this your home page.

    10.Date My School

    It doesn't matter if you are looking for a relationship or something casual. You are wasting your time using online dating sights that connect you with people who live miles away. Date My School is a dating website that connects you with fellow students who are compatible with your