Kony And The Hunger Games

Kids are given weapons and told to kill each other. Sometimes it’s genocide, other times it’s entertainment.

1. Get ‘Em Kids!

A big year indeed. Never one to miss a trend, Kim Kardashian is reportedly about to get in on the action.

2. Conspiracy Theory.

Fortunately, Mr. Harrelson has yet to be caught publicly greasing the weasel.

3. You Leave J out of This.


4. Kony Kares

Kony for Humanitarian of the Year 2012.

5. LOL.

Tehehe. Like, I think they made it for the lulz.

6. “Folks”?

Like, what are you. 93 years old?

7. Dichotomy.

Well, Brandt, that is obviously your opinion.

8. Good Times.

Ooohh. Send some pics?

9. Spoiler Alert.

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