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Kanye West Might Be Obsessed With OJ Simpson! (A Conspiracy Theory)

You may already have known that Kanye references OJ Simpson occasionally in his lyrics, but you probably don't know the whole story. Careful! Once you get the download, you may be shocked to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes...

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No good conspiracy theory can be built without a solid foundation. And the bricks really start to pile up here.

1. Back in 2007, Kanye referenced OJ's bloody glove in "Stronger."

Have a listen: "You know how long I've been on ya?/ Since Prince was on Apollonia/ Since O.J. had isotoners/ Don't act like I never told ya."

Okay... We won't act like you never told us, Kanye.

And on his newest album, "Yeezus," Kanye steps up his OJ game- referencing him... TWICE.

So Kanye directly references OJ in three tracks. Telling, but not enough to round out "facts." For that, Kanye would have to say something like this at VH1 Storytellers:

So there we have it. Kanye is enamored with OJ. But... How enamored is he? To what lengths would Kanye go to associate himself with OJ? So begins the theorizing!

Once you have the facts down, you really start to wonder about some other interesting details... For example:

He might! He might do all those things. But would Kanye let his OJ love fuel major life decisions?

Now that we've seen the connections run DEEP, we might be able to answer some other major questions, like:

Hear us out. Remember, as recently as December, no one could figure out why Kanye was with Kim.

"Especially if he wants to be taken seriously" -??? That's pretty much the one thing Kanye wants more than anything.

By the way, the article doesn't get nicer.

9. And there's one final mystery we may have solved as well...WHY DID KIM AND KANYE NAME THEIR BABY "NORTH?"

A source says the reason is "North is the most high. There is nothing higher than North."

Like we're going to believe that.