Top 5 Most Attractive Men In The Stanley Cup Final

Bruins and Blackhawks face off on June 12 for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Here is the drool-worthy list.

1. Patrick Sharp (Chicago Blackhawks)

He can’t be a real person. It wouldn’t be fair.

2. Milan Lucic (Boston Bruins)

Don’t let his smile deceive you- he will definitely beat up your ex and you are totally okay with that…as long as you can watch.

3. Gregory Campbell (Boston Bruins)

He gets third because he finished his shift with a broken leg. Don’t worry, I’ll nurse you back to health.

4. Jonathon Toews (Chicago Blackhawks)

He’s the Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and he doesn’t know that he is attractive. This makes him attractive.

5. Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins)

Currently his nose looks like ground beef after getting in a fight with Evgeni Malkin… still hot.

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