9 Things That Happen Before Lunch

The Law should mandate a 3 hour lunch. As told by Cats, Kristen Wiig, and Chris Farley

1. 11:00 am and You are Werkin That Project

You’ve only checked gchat like 5 times.

2. 11:05 Your Stomach Begin Purring

It’s not a full blown roar, but you need food in the next 20 minutes.

3. 11:15 Boss Man Calls You In For A Meeting

It’s going to be really quick he says.


And you know this going to be horrible.

4. Awkward Sitting Position

This is the only way to hide the lion in your stomach.

Smile so no one thinks you have diarrhea.

5. Too Late Everyone Is Looking At You

The only choice is to look down at your notepad and pretend you have no idea what’s going on.

Me? No. Look I’m writing notes it can’t be me.

6. 12:20 The Meeting Finally Ends

RUN TO LUNCH before….

7. Co-worker Starts Talking About Their Dull Weekend

Pretend your phone rings before you eat their face.

8. Your Boss Asks For Just One More Thing

Yup you may be fired but you can definitely leave for lunch


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