23 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Mindy Kaling On Instagram

Mindy Kaling is no longer the obnoxious Kelly Kapoor- She now has a baller TV show, great sense of fashion, and clearly does not know what constitutes a nutritious diet. @mindykaling

1. She Enjoys Nature

2. She’s Observant

3. Her Handwriting is Impeccable

4. She Clearly Has Amazing Taste in Movies

5. She’s a Baller

Just look at those sneaks and WHERE DID SHE GET THAT SWEATSHIRT

6. Seth Rogen Has Triple Nugg Status

He’s such a muffin!

7. She Has Great Fashion Icons

8. She Knows How To Throw A Party

9. She Watches Mad Men

10. Her Purse Is Just As Germ Infested As Ours

11. She’s Clearly Organizationally Challenged

12. Her Typical Morning Routine

13. Her Friends Are Cooler Than Yours

14. This Is All Of Our Dreams

15. Knows How To Relax

16. Looks Like Our Fridge, But Instead of Franzia She Has Dom

17. She’s Obsessed With Game of Thrones

19. She Knows Your Lying

20. She Loves Tina Fey

21. You Wanted That Bag Too

22. Clearly Has Low Standards


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