20 Beanie Babies That Will Help Pay Off Your Student Loans

If you went to Community College… According to Ebay, here is the price of our childhood.

1. Happy (Pink) $10.99

4 bids. You could make $.99 back with this one.

2. Teddy Cranberry $10.99

3 bids.

3. Cubby $10.99

3 Bids.

4. Chip $10.99

1 bid.

5. Lizzy $12.54

5 bids. Your little brother put this one in the toilet and ruined the tag. You could have made $2.54 on this lizard!

6. Oats $12.99

6 bids.

7. Steg $15.49

8 bids.

8. Rex $16.50

11 bids.

9. Bronty $20.50

9 bids.

10. Caw $31.00

27 bids.

11. Princess Diana $40.00

1 bid on Ebay. This will be worth thousands of dollars they said, buy this one they said.

12. Princess Diana $40.99

22 bids. If you have like a thousand of these, you will be rollin in the dough!

13. Bumble $41.00

25 bids.

14. Chilly $47.50

7 bids. The original tag was before the craze.

15. Slither $51.00

13 bids.

16. Happy (Grey) $51.00

38 bids. You have the pink one…

17. Zip $53.00

27 bids. You bought all the dog beanie babies and not the cat ones. Bad decision.

18. Inky $64.00

28 bids. Again, you have the pink one, which is selling for $3.99.

19. Chilly $66.00

24 bids. What is with this bear? And why don’t I have it!

20. Teddy $137.50

25 bids. The Ebay seller says this one was from 1993 and it’s a first generation. What is this business- I’ve never seen that tag before.

If you had a thousand of these, you could pay off your liberal arts degree!

Good luck digging through your parents basement!

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