10 Things Only Utahns Know

Utah should be its own country.

1. A Stake Center Does Not Serve Steak

Because that would make too much sense

2. The Correct Pronunciation of Tooele, Juab, and Hurricane

Non-Utahns: Tooele= /Too-ill-ah/ Juab= /Joo-ab/ Hurricane= /Her-u-kun/

I’m sure you guessed them all correctly.

3. Fry Sauce

This will be located next to the ketchup on the grocery aisle. Ketchup and Mayo creates this magical concoction.

4. You Can’t Walk Through The Airport Without Running Into a “Welcome Home Elder” Sign

And they are never for you.

5. Stick Figures Fill The Entire Back Windshield of Every Mini Van

SO many cats and children.

6. The Letters U and Y are Archenemies

Game day is more important than the Superbowl.

7. Pie and Beer Day is a State Holiday

Just kidding. We wish… “Pioneer Day” is July 24th. No work is a definite plus!

8. “Tend” and “Sluff” Are Commonly Used Words

For you non-Utahns, “tending children” means watching/baby-sitting. “Sluff” means ditching or not attending school. Get with it!

9. These Are Typical Children’s Names

We might as well be our own country.

10. This Is Our Playground

It’s not all bad.

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