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14 Struggles Of Being A Happy Person

If it's true that misery loves company, then you're the worst company there is.

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4. You are mistakenly labelled as a ‘good listener’, when actually you’re just too polite to tell the person that your having a full-on internal monologue while they talk at you.


What shall I have for dinner....oh crap they’re still talking! *Nods *agrees...Saved it.

6. And if one of your friends is going through a tough time, you have to constantly remind yourself to repress your own happiness.


Yes you may be having another top-notch day, but they’ve just broken their leg so keep the cheeriness down to a minimum.

7. If someone is unloading to you about their problems, you find yourself trying to comfort them by exaggerating your non-existent issues.


Yeah I know how you feel, I burnt like...some of the crust of my pizza the other day so...basically the same thing as you being cheated on.

8. You'll often be asked the question 'Well what's put you in such a good mood??' by people who don't know you.


That's a tough one. I honestly don't know - it could have been the delicious sandwich I just ate or the fact that I smell great today. It doesn't take much tbh.

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