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46 Things About Training For Your First Marathon

Running a marathon is exhausting, but so is the training. Never underestimate the training...

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1. It's never too early for bedtime

2. You keep hoping motivational alarms will make early wake ups easier

3. But quickly realize they don't / Via Tumblr

4. You become aware of muscles and bones you never knew existed.

Via Giphy

5. And worry about any little pain / Via Giphy

6. Going downstairs

Via Imgur

7. Going upstairs

8. Black toenails… muscle cramps… sore muscles… / Via Tumblr

9. But chaffing

Via Giphy

10. ... and the first few seconds in the shower

Via Tumblr

11. You discover the miracle of foam rolling

12. And you embark on an endless search for anything else to massage your muscles / Via Giphy

13. You learn that swinging your arms can make you faster

Via Giphy

14. But then you're told you have to relax your shoulders / Via Giphy

15. Some days you feel unstoppable / Via giphy

16. Others not so much / Via Giphy

17. You spend a lot of time searching for the perfect running shoe

18. And many pairs later...

19. ... you finally find the one

Via giphy

20. You practice ingesting liquids on the move

Via Giphy

21. But still can't do it right

22. And no matter how much you drink all day, you'll still be thirsty

23. You finally understand why they're called runner's runs

24. And why dinner has to be closely monitored

25. You own a collection of energy gels, powders and snacks

26. And you learn the hard way that more isn't always better

Via The Oatmeal

27. You want to brag about your longest run yet

28. And secretly sneer at someone's 10k

29. But are quickly humbled when you learn about ultras

30. On strength day you drag yourself to the gym

31. And struggle to complete even one set

32. You begin to wonder what your life would be like without training

Via Giphy

33. But then you have nightmares about the marathon being cancelled

34. You picture yourself crossing the finish line

35. But force yourself to live one day at a time because this amount of running makes you want to cry

36. You accumulate an enviable list of songs

37. But sometimes even those can't take you to the finish

Via Giphy

38. After long runs you feel amazing

39. Nothing or nobody stands a chance against you

40. Until you remember about next weekend's distance

41. So you try to explain why you're doing this

42. But the truth is you don't even know

43. Maybe it's the bling

44. Or the runners' high

45. Or being part of something bigger

46. Or maybe you just want to feel alive

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