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This Mom Wrote A Book To Help Children Love Their Skin

Rebecca Manari wants kids to see the beauty in every shade.

Rebecca Manari is a mom, teacher and author. She wrote Brown Like Dosas, Samosas, And Sticky Chikki to help children everywhere feel beautiful in their skin.

She explains how skin complexion in India is heavily tied to beauty.

Brown Like Dosas, Samosas, And Sticky Chikki is about a little girl named Samaira who loves colors.

In choosing the title, Rebecca wanted something that would be catchy and spark a child's curiosity.

Since authoring the adventurous read, Rebecca says that the responses have been overwhelming.

"Being the crybaby that I am, I am moved to tears with every bit of feedback I receive, especially when it comes straight from the heart of a child," she tells BuzzFeed. "The most recent moving response is of a gentleman I know, who bought the book for his friend's daughter because she was being teased at school because of her looks."

To help their children embrace and love their own unique beauty, Rebecca advises parents to expose their children to books and movies that reflect diversity.

Rebecca perfectly sums up beauty for BuzzFeed as...

Brown Like Dosas, Samosas, And Sticky Chikki is available in all leading bookstores in India and here.