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17 Photos That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud If You're A Really Private Person

Humans can't be trusted.

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1. You've mastered the art of saying enough, but not too much.

@mellowyellowthatsme / Via

2. Because people like this have given you severe trust issues.

@cash_hesus / Via

3. So your circle is really small.

@jellysoseven / Via

4. Like, really, really small.

5. In fact, if you could have it your way, you'd replace all your human friends with animals.

@nattyabz / Via

6. They'd never tell your secrets, and they just get you.

@nancyamccoy / Via

7. And you'd be able to avoid those awkward first encounters when you meet strangers.

@kikifosheezy / Via

8. Because you really suck at opening up to people.

@edwinaclover / Via

9. But you don't have any plans of changing because the B.S. levels in your life stay at a minimum.

@eboi_cmcb / Via

10. Even if it means you miss out sometimes and could've known some really awesome people a lot sooner.

@solemnsoul / Via

11. People are obsessed with knowing more about your mystery life.

12. And you shut them down every. single. time.

@mzbriaj / Via

13. Nothing annoys you quite like a person going out of their way to read your texts.


@simonegreenwood / Via

15. The biggest misconception, though, is that you're mean and cold.

@_beautyqueen_92 / Via

16. But really, you're just guarded and it takes you a long time to let people in.

Superficial / Via Facebook: superangelical

17. When you finally do, though, you're lovable, and you'd give your right arm to anyone in your squad — and you know how to GET. SHIT. LIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

@cbanks513 / Via

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