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19 Times Pop Culture Was Embarrassingly Offensive In 2015

Nope, glittery blackface is still not OK.

1. When Vogue Italia styled Gigi Hadid in this blue Afro on its cover.

2. And when they did this spread of her looking black because all the black models were off that day?

Hey! Here's an idea: instead of putting an afro on Gigi Hadid, why not just HIRE A BLACK MODEL instead? 😊

3. When somebody at Allure was like, "YES! This is an AWESOME idea!"

4. When Dsquared2 got "inspired" by Native American culture and presented the "Dsquaw" collection.

5. And when Junya Watanabe paid homage to Africa with locs, cornrows, prints, and Masai collars...

Except he kinda didn't because the models were a bunch of white guys.

6. When Cosmo seemingly forgot that America has a first family and this DEF ain't it.

7. And when they used women of color only to show dead beauty trends and used all white women for "gorgeous" beauty trends.

In dishing out advice, Cosmo not-so-subtly tells readers "paler is better" http://t.co/SYuThZ9fsn 😕

8. But then when they "fixed" it by eliminating almost all the women of color and still used only white women to demonstrate acceptable trends.

9. When Valentino debuted its "primitive, tribal, spiritual, yet regal" spring '16 collection to portray "wild Africa."

Because nothing says Africa like lots and lots of white girls rockin' cornrows and bone jewelry!

10. Can't forget Claudio Cutugno and the blackface, but with glitter 'cause that makes it better.

11. When Kylie decided to try cornrows...

12. And locs...

13. Which she also wore for Teen Vogue.

- @KylieJenner pour Teen @TeenVogue #5

14. And then when Interview magazine used her to try to make ableism hot.

15. When our whole lives we thought these were Bantu knots, but really they're "mini-buns."

16. When Elle Canada put everyone on the new dashiki trend, except dashikis aren't new or an "it-item."

17. When Givenchy fused Latina culture into its "Victorian Cholas"–inspired fall collection.

18. When European fashion house Kokon To Zai designed this beautiful "double hands faux fur patchwork" sweater...

But actually didn't because an Inuk shaman made the design in the early 1920s as a form of spiritual protection.

19. And these locs and lots of other stuff Miley Cyrus did in the Twenty-Fifteen.

Miley Cyrus's whole life is culture appropriation so I'm not even surprised she is wearing dreads to the VMAs.

If there's one lesson to take away in the new year, it's STOP USING YOUR PRIVILEGE TO BE DOUCHEY!