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19 Times Pop Culture Was Embarrassingly Offensive In 2015

Nope, glittery blackface is still not OK.

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2. And when they did this spread of her looking black because all the black models were off that day?

Hey! Here's an idea: instead of putting an afro on Gigi Hadid, why not just HIRE A BLACK MODEL instead? 😊


7. And when they used women of color only to show dead beauty trends and used all white women for "gorgeous" beauty trends.

In dishing out advice, Cosmo not-so-subtly tells readers "paler is better" 😕


13. Which she also wore for Teen Vogue.

- @KylieJenner pour Teen @TeenVogue #5

15. When our whole lives we thought these were Bantu knots, but really they're "mini-buns."

Instagram: @kingdavid5302

[Insert side-eye here.]


But actually didn't because an Inuk shaman made the design in the early 1920s as a form of spiritual protection.

CBC / Northern Voices / Via

"These are sacred images that they are using. They are breaking the Inuit sacred laws of duplicating someone else’s shaman clothing ... and for profit of all things," Salome Awa, the great granddaughter of the shaman, told As It Happens.

19. And these locs and lots of other stuff Miley Cyrus did in the Twenty-Fifteen.

Miley Cyrus's whole life is culture appropriation so I'm not even surprised she is wearing dreads to the VMAs.