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This Designer Made Cinderella-Inspired Glass Slippers That Are Actually Just Wrapped In Plastic

Go plastic... but make it fashion!

Rihanna, our reigning fashion queen and beauty icon, has pulled off everything from a doobie wrap to a head-to-toe sheer crystal gown.

Because, well, Rihanna.

@rihanna @djkhaled @asahdkhaled "It's ugly, until @rihanna decides it's not." #WildThoughts

So we weren't at all shocked when she stepped out the crib looking like money in these plastic-wrapped pumps.

Here's a closer look.

The shoes are the "glass slippers" from Off-White's collaboration with Jimmy Choo for Spring/Summer '18.

Off-White designer Virgil Abloh posted this Cinderella pic on Instagram with the caption "moodboard image" before debuting the pumps, along with the rest of the fire-ass shoe and apparel collection, at Paris Fashion Week.

Supermodel legend Naomi Campbell did the final walk of the show in a pair as well.

The princess-inspired shoes come in several variations, including floral and strapless pumps—and even boots!

  1. So would you rock these kicks or nah?!
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So would you rock these kicks or nah?!
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    I'd rock the hell outta these shoes in a heartbeat!
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    Hell naaaaaw, I wouldn't rock these Saran wrap-looking shoes.
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    I'm pretty sure they're outta my budget so my opinion really doesn't matter either way.