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    17 Photos That Will Make Any Broke Person Laugh Then Cry

    What do you mean my balance is -$0.23?

    1. This realization you had after it was too late:

    @drakesylvestre / Via

    2. This compromise:

    @moparmemes / Via

    The good news is, NO BOWL TO WASH!

    3. This conspiracy against your life:

    @mediocrelifequotes / Via

    It's happening. They're after me.

    4. This ridiculous question:

    5. This philosophy that's total BS:

    @rebelcircus / Via

    6. This harsh reality:

    @insta_jokes_123 / Via

    7. This thing that keeps happening:

    @mykiss973 / Via

    8. This before and after:

    @aim_high_dr_zett_gretzky / Via

    9. This struggle meal:

    @i_am_king_24 / Via

    10. This simple little favor:

    @kabi_simpson / Via

    *Questions so-called "friends" who are being very cheap*

    11. This dream that Bank of America is trying to hold you back from:

    @stamptravel / Via

    12. This perfectly logical explanation:

    @cb_clothing_ Follow / Via

    Apparently "no shoes is forbidden" in Chipotle, so yeah, these summer sandals were a necessity.

    13. This entitlement of designers who actually want to get paid:

    @last_drag / Via

    14. This very important act of self-care:

    @princesspollyboutique / Via

    15. This fond Auntie Anne's memory:

    @baptain_brunch / Via

    16. This work-from-home job that's late on your paycheck:

    @steph333rusu / Via

    17. This blessing in disguise that makes being broke not so bad:

    @lorien_80 / Via