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17 Black Women Who Will Have You Crying Laughing Way Past Your Bedtime

*clicks follow*

1. @watchjazzy is a budding star who's already on BET's 50 Central. This HILARIOUS vid letting girls know that we don't have to justify our "ho poses" is a classic.

2. Quinta is effortlessly funny, and her new web show, Quinta Vs. Everything, perfectly captures what it's like trying to adult.

Facebook: video.php

3. @queenblackwell documents some of the most personal moments of her life, including this very strange addiction.

I bought 48 hot pickles. Fourty. Eight. hot pickles.

We just wanna hang with her all day, tbh.

4. Even Rihanna reposted @thatgirljaycole's videos. This conversation between her and "her BFF" will have you WEAK.

5. @lalasizahands89's videos, like this Mo'Nique-inspired parody, are brilliantly hysterical. The ponytail and beauty mark deserve their own award.

6. @thechristishow plays several characters, and she honestly needs her own TV show. Meet Dr. Jen, and take her advice with caution.

7. @grandmadaisysims will curse you out and put you up on the realest game in the same breath. She's real-life #goals!

8. @thebsimone2 literally has us gasping for air. Watch her play this word association game.

9. @jadenovah is an incredibly talented singer, who also happens to be funny AF. Her spot-on impression of Beyoncé is eerily funny.

10. Tyree Elaine needs to write a sitcom starring black women in their thirties, but until then, watch her vids on FB.

Facebook: video.php

11. @missjaydmv has the range of an actual comedian. If you grew up on '90s R&B, this video will have you crying real tears.

12. @luv_jjp nails friendships and relationships every. got. damn. TIIIIIIIIIME! Shouts out to all the friends who stay ready.

13. @simoneshepherd is an IG legend, and it's videos like this one — of her as a new age, anti-McDonald's mom — that keep us on her page.

14. @yesimprettyvee's voice, faces, and dance moves are sure to have you scrolling down her TL long after you said you were going to sleep.

15. @courtneycamero is rarely seen, but you can hear her going off in the background in these hilarious skits with her comic husband @billysorrells.

16. @jstlbby makes us cackle and say "YAAASS!" Her page is like a church and comedy club hybrid.

17. @jesshilarious_official gets super candid, even about her lace front struggles.

Love to all the black girls who keep us crying laughing, and make us feel seen!