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    279 Hair And Makeup Charts For When You're Bored AF And Wanna Learn About Beauty

    Learning has never been more pretty, tbh.

    We know, we know. BEAUTY IS HARD AF!

    But we're here, whether you need hair and makeup tips for beginners, or if you're basically an expert and you just want a few hair and makeup ideas to up your game. Here are a bunch of beauty charts because a) charts are fun, b) charts are pretty, and c) charts get to the point.

    Wanna know which order to apply your skin care products? Check. How to apply eyeshadow? Got you. Still tryna figure out how to do winged eyeliner? Say no more. Which bangs work best for your face shape? It's in here. You don't know all the different types of makeup brushes? No judgment; scroll down. Need some beard grooming tips? We got the answers. What I'm tryna say is, we got you boo!

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    So here's a good start for all our makeup beginners.

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