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    21 Extraordinary People Who Will Make You A Proud Human Being

    We gon' be alright.

    Sure, the world has its fair share of woes and not-so-nice people.

    BUT, there are still lots and lots of good people who inspire us with kindness, laughter, and a whole bunch of other fuzzy stuff.

    FOX / Via

    1. Like this 10-year-old boy who found a woman's wallet and mailed it back to her with a handwritten note.

    Froggy929 / Via Facebook: froggy929

    2. These super friends who promised to stay after school and support their friend in his weight loss.

    Facebook: video.php

    3. This 15-year-old hero who saved three girls from gunfire.

    CNN / Via

    4. This dad who literally broke down into tears (and high-pitched squeals) when he found out his wife was pregnant with baby number two.

    The Ellen Show / Via
    The Ellen Show / Via

    5. And this dad whose ponytail efforts were so laughable his little toddler couldn't stop giggling.

    Facebook: video.php

    At least he triiied?

    6. How about this young actor and his spot-on impression of the King of Pop?!

    Facebook: video.php

    7. A certain legendary athlete who decided to shoot a few hoops with these neighborhood pals.

    Gainesville Police Department / Via

    8. This photographer who captured a photo series of black men and gave them control over how they wanted to be portrayed.

    9. Gotta shout out this former school teacher putting children's books in barbershops so that young boys can read more.

    10. And this popular barber who joined the effort by replacing his shop's video games with books, even if it meant a small decline in business.

    11. Turn up for this rapper who payed off his student debt, and then made a song to show the rest of us it's actually possible.

    Dee1music / Via

    #GOALS #salliemaebetrippin

    12. Big ups to this business mogul who supported social justice organizations with a cool $1.5 milli.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    13. And this Oscar-winning actor who rescued a man from a burning truck.

    Mike Windle / Getty / Safety For Citizens / Via Facebook: safetyforcitizens

    14. Amen for the model inspiring us all to live our best lives...and to properly groom ourselves.

    @king_teej / Via

    Because if we're not grooming with a pick and a white towel we're doing it wrong.

    Just onnnnnne more look πŸ‘€.

    @king_teej / Via

    15. This R&B legend who touched our souls with a mashup of the National Anthem and "Try A Little Tenderness."

    16. A very wise β€” and once homeless β€” 15-year-old who spoke out about the conditions of his country and found a family after his message went viral.

    Homeless of Nairobi / Via

    17. This actor and director whose film about Nat Turner made Sundance history as the festival's highest-selling film ever. *coughs, $17.5 mill, coughs*

    Facebook: TheBirthofaNation

    Soooo, can I hold a stack toward these student loans or nah?

    18. The world's most popular Viner literally making people laugh until they cry.

    We all have THAT one friend who always has to outshine our cool.

    19. Major salute to this transgender boy who taught his mom that "winners are losers who got back up" and how to "accept happiness in any form."

    Cosmopolitan / Via

    Watch his inspiring story here.

    20. This powerful world leader who took time to meet his 106-year-old fan.

    The White House / Via

    21. And this artiste spreading hope all over the world.

    CBS / Via

    See, the world isn't so bad!

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