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17 Really Stupid Things You Should Stop Saying To Women With Natural Hair In 2016

Because we're tired of hearing how you liked us better with straight hair.

1. "What is natural?"

2. "Isn't everyone natural?"

3. "Going natural ain't for everybody."

4. "I would go natural, but..."

5. "What did you do to your hair?"

6. "My curls don't look like yours."

7. "I liked you better with straight hair."

8. "How did you get your hair to do that?"

9. "Can I touch it?"

10. "Tell me about your natural hair journey."

11. "You remind me of Solange!"

12. "You should get it blown out!"

13. "Is that a wig?"

14. "You should do a twist-out to make it look less kinky."

15. "Why are you wearing a weave? I thought you were natural."

16. "Are you mixed?"

17. "Natural hair is in right now."

Let's do better in 2016, folks!