23 Esri #geogeeks On Instagram

Esri is on Instagram @esrigram. Follow us for exclusive Esri leaks, story maps and give-aways. Tag @esrigram in your #geophotos to join the fun. Here’s our first story map of our #geogeek followers. Check out the story map here!


2. Bogota, Colombia

Via mfbenitezp

@mfbenitezp shares a beautiful pic of a rainy day in Bogota.

3. Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA

Via dalkaveli

@dalkaveli is mapping and charting #onaboat. Thanks to Esri, he’s never lost.

4. Kfar Houna Village, Lebanon.

Via mounir_aj

Quaint village. Plenty of Instagram opportunities here.

5. San Francisco, CA

Via mfbenitezp

@mfbenitezp takes some really great geophotos.

6. Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

Via toryw

@toryw proves LA smog is a myth.

7. Yucca Valley, CA

Via lord__burns

The culture of California’s deserts are always astounding. Here is Desert Christ Park.

8. Hell’s Gate Wilderness, AZ

Via amandastanko

Further proof that Arizona offers much more than you thought.

9. San Diego, CA

Via iglesiase

@iglesiase knows the importance of Esri UC and the obligatory photo that proves you were there.

10. Budapest, Hungary

Via caseorganic

Esri’s Amber Case, AKA @caseorganic, is all over the map. Kind of like a real-life Carmen Sandiego, minus the red hat.

11. Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Via luiiisj

@luiiisj went off-trail to take this epic #geophoto.

12. Brisbane, Australia

Via sethgorrie

Somehow @sethgorrie gets an iPad with his NatGeo subscription. We’re jelly. Seriously, though, he’s making a story map of historic Brisbane maps. #mapsonmaps.

13. Palm Springs, CA

Via mfbenitezp

At this point esrigram is convinced that @mfbenitezp attends more Esri events than Jack himself. Palm Springs Convention Center, 2014 Esri Dev Summit. #livebythecode

14. Dorchester County, MD

Via tomatopurl

See @tomatopurl’s sea level rise story map before you buy a pleasure island in the Chesapeake Bay.

15. Indianapolis, IN

Via mcbride52

@mcbride52 wins the #maptat game. Do you have #geoink? Post it to Instagram @esrigram.

16. Blue Grotto, Malta

Via mfbenitezp

Once again, @mfbenitezp is one-upping us in international travel.

17. Werfenweng, Austria

Via brdfstr

The hills are alive…sorry, couldn’t help it. This scene from the Austrian Alps makes us pine for cool mountain air.

18. Luzerne County, PA

Via killerdiesel

Why take the train to Scranton when you can ride your bike on Rails to Trails?

19. Melbourne, Australia

Via sethgorrie

@sethgorrie knows how to pick a coffee shop with the right attitude. Clement Coffee in South Melbourne Market.

20. Newport Beach, CA

Via kathyldean

@kathyldean told esrigram about all of the great marine life she saw that day…whales and dolphins (but no walruses).

21. Plainfield, IN

Via rshafer83

@rschafer83 can see his house from up here.

22. Palm Springs, CA

Via cortezeus

Vintage aerial photo of Palm Springs, c.1956. Remote sensing the old fashion way.

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