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23 Esri #geogeeks On Instagram

Esri is on Instagram @esrigram. Follow us for exclusive Esri leaks, story maps and give-aways. Tag @esrigram in your #geophotos to join the fun. Here's our first story map of our #geogeek followers. Check out the story map here!

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12. Brisbane, Australia

Via sethgorrie

Somehow @sethgorrie gets an iPad with his NatGeo subscription. We're jelly. Seriously, though, he's making a story map of historic Brisbane maps. #mapsonmaps.

13. Palm Springs, CA

Via mfbenitezp

At this point esrigram is convinced that @mfbenitezp attends more Esri events than Jack himself. Palm Springs Convention Center, 2014 Esri Dev Summit. #livebythecode

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