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    22 Halloween Costumes For People Who Love Maps

    Mapsters, geogeeks, wherewolves...whatever you call them, geographers make the maps that help you find the nearest froyo or pumpkin spice latte. For Halloween, here's 22 costumes any map lover will appreciate.

    1. Mr. Longitude & Ms. Latitude

    2. For the scientific mapper.

    3. For the GPS nut.

    4. Map Layers


    6. WhereWolf

    7. Better than Thor (maybe)

    8. MapGirl

    9. North West

    10. I can haz a map?

    11. Geofencer

    12. The Cloud

    13. Justin Trimblelake

    14. Drone Diva

    15. Drone Diva II

    16. Shape File

    17. Who wears short shorts?

    18. Rasterfarian

    19. Python

    20. The Globe

    21. ARRRRC-GIS

    22. Developer Zombie

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