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    22 Halloween Costumes For People Who Love Maps

    Mapsters, geogeeks, wherewolves...whatever you call them, geographers make the maps that help you find the nearest froyo or pumpkin spice latte. For Halloween, here's 22 costumes any map lover will appreciate.

    1. Mr. Longitude & Ms. Latitude

    2. For the scientific mapper.

    3. For the GPS nut.


    Wherever you are, you'll always be "here."

    4. Map Layers


    6. WhereWolf

    7. Better than Thor (maybe)


    Esri's own superhero, MapMan, is always a safe bet for a Halloween. Just don't forget the tights.

    8. MapGirl


    Despite what many think, MapGirl is NOT MapMan's sidekick. And, she's not a girl, she's a woman! Change the name already Esri.

    9. North West


    This is a sure Halloween party winner. Just don't let Kanye see.

    10. I can haz a map?

    11. Geofencer

    12. The Cloud

    13. Justin Trimblelake

    14. Drone Diva


    Speaking of field data collection, this Drone Diva will be collecting all of the important data this Halloween...just not your phone number. Sorry dude.

    15. Drone Diva II


    But you might get this Drone Diva's coordinates if you strike up an interesting conversation about LiDAR data.

    16. Shape File


    Maps are full of great shapes. Why not dress up as your favorite state or country?

    17. Who wears short shorts?


    Each year in Palm Springs, app developers compete in the Esri Developer Summit dodgeball tournament. Try this group costume and maybe even start your own team. Hey, is that Zach Galifianakis?

    18. Rasterfarian

    19. Python

    20. The Globe

    21. ARRRRC-GIS


    Set your GPS for Null Island and plunder some geocache booty! ARRRRRHH!

    22. Developer Zombie


    function GetValue (brains, query_string) {if (alive) }

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