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    20 Emojis Geogeeks Need In Their Lives

    We asked @esrigram followers to help us create emojis for geogeeks and mapsters and came up with this amazing list!

    1. North Arrow

    2. ArcTool Box

    3. Surveyor/Fieldworker

    4. Jack Glasses

    5. Globe Girl

    6. Map Layers

    7. Paper Map

    8. Map Girl

    9. Globe Head

    10. Esri Location Pin

    11. ArcCat (aka Bubba)

    12. MapMan

    13. Mapster (GeoHipster)

    14. Survey Tripod

    15. Contour Map

    16. Globe Boy

    17. Fixed Wing Drone

    18. @Esrigram

    19. Compass Rose

    20. ArcNap

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