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    18 Celebs You Totally Forgot Were On "Gilmore Girls"

    Stars Hollow was a happening place. (Note: Some of these present-day celebs didn't find fame till long after their time on Gilmore Girls.)

    1. Krysten Ritter

    2. Jon Hamm

    3. Max Greenfield

    4. Jane Lynch

    5. Seth MacFarlane

    6. Chad Michael Murray

    7. Masi Oka

    8. Billy Burke

    9. Abigail Spencer

    10. Brandon Routh

    11. Victoria Justice

    12. Danny Strong

    13. Melora Hardin

    14. Brenda Strong

    15. Danny Pudi

    16. Riki Lindhome

    17. Adam Brody

    18. Nick Offerman

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